Formally Known as MSW Martial Arts




We are a traditional martial arts dojang (school) founded by Great Grandmaster Yong Moon. Through teaching the physical and philosophical practices of the martial arts, we believe that we can make this world a better and happier place for all. We can achieve this through teaching both children and adults and grounding them in key character building attributes such as discipline, respect, and integrity.



Great Grandmaster Yong Moon first opened a school in South Korea in 1968. After many years of success, he decided to come to America. His first school was located in Louisiana, where he was a local celebrity by the name of “Master Moon”.

Eventually, he headed west, moved to LA, and started another dojang. It was here that he ran a successful school for 9 years before eventually moving into a larger location where we currently train. We have been in our current location for 17 years.



Traditional Martial arts training provides both physical and mental discipline, as training constantly pushes one past his or her comfort zone. Moorimgoong reaches to instill respect as there is a clear hierarchy for students to follow in terms of belt rankings – although there is mutual respect for all martial artists, respect is earned in the martial arts world. Additionally, we teach integrity that each student learns not to abuse their skills to hurt others. 



Here at Moorimgoong, we teach an original and exclusive martial arts style created by Great Grandmaster Yong Moon called "Moo Rim Do". It is essentially a hybrid martial art, combining the best techniques and attributes of Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, and Kung Fu. The Kung Fu styles that have been integrated into Moorimdo are Shaolin Longfist, Praying Mantis, and Pagua. Moorimdo also teaches a variety of weapons such as nunchucks, staff, swords, fans, and spears to name a few.



We are a family oriented and friendly school, welcoming everyone who wishes to better themselves through martial arts training. We welcome everyone with open arms as long as they are willing to be a positive contributor to our growing martial arts family. We retain a lot of the traditional aspects of martial arts such as bowing, and referring Instructors, Teachers, and Masters with “sir”, or “ma’am”, while also creating a fun and exciting environment for students to thrive.



Great Grandmaster Yong Moon was born in Hapcheon, South Korea, and began training at an early age as he was born into a martial arts household. He first began training in Tang Soo Do, a very popular style in his region. After many years of practicing Tang Soo Do, he then learned Classical Kung Fu under Master Kang Gum Bang in Busan, South Korea. Master Kang Gum Bang was one of the three Chinese historic masters who emigrated to South Korea during the Communist Revolution in China.

After many years of training under the famous, Master Kang Gum Bang, Great Grandmaster Moon decided to start his own school, teaching a hybrid form of both Korean and Chinese martial arts. This fusion of styles is analogous to Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, which Bruce based it off of his previous training in Kung Fu and Wing Chun.

Great Grandmaster founded The World Martial Arts Federation ins 1968, and started in Busan, South Korea. In 1979, he immigrated to the United States and started a school in New Orleans, Louisiana. He quickly rose to fame as “Master Moon” in Louisiana, receiving a plethora of media attention through his martial arts. In 1992, Great Grandmaster Moon moved to Los Angeles, California, started a school, and has been in Los Angeles ever since.

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